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Frye Women's Jordan Strappy Leather Social interaction in Jordan is replete with all kinds of seemingly impenetrable verbal and behavioural rituals, most of which can remain unaddressed by foreigners with impunity. Due to a severe water shortage, rationing is in effect. Answering questions People will be genuinely and innocently interested in you as visitors, and their questions may flow thick and fast. Stud embellishments on vamp.

Women from other Muslim countries shop in Jordan for libis shar'i clothing. The third type of attire is the national costume. This is a handmade dress with embroidered and cross-stitched patterns that represent the region of the country that the wearer comes from.
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How to pack stylishly for Jordan. 4. Tweet; I saw about the same amount of women wearing a full burka in Jordan as I do in my day-to-day life in New York City. They’re definitely a few, but it’s not every woman. You can wear colors and lighter clothes as long as you’re respectful of the culture in general and don’t.
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Its really nice and considerate when people take the trouble to enquire about dress codes and conveys a true sense of sensitivity and consideration for others and that's really appreciated! Its actually different in different areas. In conservative East Amman and the Downtown area, where the Citadel and the Roman Theatre are -one would normally wear something less revealing, ie jeans, long pants, long skirt or at least calf length - T shirt, blouse is acceptable - but what is usually good is carry a pashmina scarf which is light and versatile as it can be used as a shawl or stored away when not needed.

In more touristic areas like Dead Sea , Petra, then dress codes are more relaxed. There are varying attitudes to shorts but in general they don't affect the tourists since locals know your culture is different. This is from the Rough Guide to Jordan - "Visiting tourists who wear shorts on the street give roughly the same impression that they would wandering around Bournemouth or Baltimore in their underpants.

The author of Rough Guide to Jordan - Matthew Teller, is particularly knowledgable about Jordan, and he refers to the traditional inhabitants who frequently refer to the nape of the neck and other attributes like hair, gait etc in Classical Arabic Poetry and other literature.. Jordan is a traditional country but the Tourist areas see all kinds of dress and are therefore more relaxed in this manner. However, one's dress code if going to a traditional village or religious area would differ considerably than it would for walking around Petra.

However, its unlikely during your stay that you will visit such areas so, just bear in mind when you walk around places like Karak , Downtown Amman , even Aqaba. If your dress is flimsy or revealing it will attract unwanted and uncomfortable stares and maybe some comments which you wouldn't understand anyway. Likewise with shorts, Matthew is right - if you walked around Tafila or Ma'an in a pair of shorts they would'nt be pleased to say the least.

A litmus test of whether its acceptable or not is: The beach is something else, shorts totally acceptable. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, I didnt see any locals in Downtown Amman wearing shorts except 2 male foreign tourists,, but they are used to that in this area,, and no one bothered them. I guess Matthew was covering the whole spectrum and not just the tourist sites with his advice. Jordanian men never, in any situation, walk around topless. Loose-fitting, opaque clothes that cover your legs, arms and chest are a major help in allowing you to relate normally with local men.

On women, shorts appear flagrantly provocative and sexual, as do Lycra leggings. T-shirts are also best avoided. The nape of the neck is considered particularly erotic and so is best covered, either by a high collar or a thin cotton scarf. Hair is another area where conservatism helps deter unwanted attention. To some people, women with wet hair are advertising sexual availability, so you may prefer to dry your hair before going out.

If your hair is blonde, you must unfortunately resign yourself to a bit more inquisitive attention — at least when walking in more conservative areas. Social interaction in Jordan is replete with all kinds of seemingly impenetrable verbal and behavioural rituals, most of which can remain unaddressed by foreigners with impunity. A few things are worth knowing, however.

The energy which Jordanians put into social relationships can bring shame to Westerners used to keeping a distance. Foreigners more used to avoiding strangers and doing business in shops quickly and impersonally can come across as cold, uninterested and even snooty.

Smiling, learning one or two of the standard forms of greeting, acknowledging those who are welcoming you and taking the time to exchange pleasantries will bring you closer to people more quickly than anything else. People shake hands in Jordan much more than in the West, and even the merest contact with a stranger is normally punctuated by at least one or two handshakes to indicate fraternity.

Personal space is treated rather differently in Arab cultures from in the West: Queuing is a foreign notion, and in many situations hanging back deferentially is an invitation for other people to move in front. Jordanians also relate to the natural environment rather differently from Westerners. Sitting alone or with a friend in the most perfectly tranquil spot, you may find someone coming up to you blocking the sunset and eager for a chat.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to convey your desire to be alone. Jordanians take hospitality very much to heart, and are honestly interested in talking to you and making you feel comfortable.

However, offers tend to flow so thick and fast that it would be difficult to agree to every one, yet people are often so eager it can also be difficult — and potentially rude — to refuse outright. In this situation, your bedouin hosts will be tourism professionals, probably with good English anyway.

Attempting to offer money would be deeply offensive — what is appropriate is to bring some token of your appreciation. A kilo or two of sweet pastries handed to your host as you arrive will be immediately ferreted away out of sight and never referred to again; the gesture, however, will have been appreciated. Otherwise, presenting gifts directly will generally cause embarrassment, since complex social etiquette demands that such a gift be refused several times before acceptance.

Instead, you can acknowledge your appreciation by giving gifts to the small children: Minefields of complex verbal jockeyings to maintain dignity and family honour then open up if you refuse to accept the item in question.

Many local people keep their reception rooms relatively bare for this reason. Elsewhere, it can help to clarify what seems an extraordinary and unfamiliar practice by claiming it to be a religious or medical obligation.

This section outlines some of the things which may happen once you sit down to eat with a family. It may all seem too daunting for words to try and remember everything here. Your host would never be so inhospitable as to make a big deal about some social blunder anyway.

Once you arrive for a meal, you may be handed a thimbleful of bitter Arabic coffee as a welcoming gesture; down it rapidly, since everyone present must drink before sociabilities can continue.

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