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Angela Friedman — NYC. Bustiers can also be worn as unique outerwear pieces. A Little History Corsets the one piece of lingerie that has withstood the test of time.

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At Nearly Naked, we take pride in knowing our customers will have options. Our panties are offered in several silhouettes to fit your personal taste. Styles available are boy shorts, briefs, control briefs, bikinis, and thongs. A bustier is a long, strapless bra that provides a small smoothing and shaping effect and is often considered a sexier piece of lingerie than a bra. At Nearly Naked we carry high-end bustiers made of exceptional fabrics such as leavers lace and silk charmeuse.

These are great to wear under clothing, especially a wedding dress. Bustiers can also be worn as unique outerwear pieces. We carry these in band sizes inches and cup sizes B-HH 9D. Nearly Naked provides a small selection of spiral boned over-bust and steel boned under-bust corsets. Our staff will be there to assist you with lacing techniques.

There is a universal desire to be comfortable, especially in the confines of one's bedroom. Babydolls and chemises are created to serve this purpose. Furthermore, because these styles are more flattering than just a bra and panty, many women feel more confident while wearing them. We have assembled an enormous selection of hard to find corset making supplies, tools, and hardware to make your sourcing easy and hassle free!

We have clients in all levels of production We consider every order and every customer important, so please feel free to contact us if you are in need of assistance! Products from all departments can easily be added into one global basket for a hassle free singular checkout.

Steampunk Supplies is a niche provider of hard to find steampunk inspired supplies and components. Steampunk is an exciting and creative movement that can bring out the artist in all of us! We have curated a collection of specialty hardware and notions that will spark your imagination and fuel your creativity - perfect for the DIY'er!

We offer books and instructional materials to help inspire your projects as well as truly unique findings to make sure your creations are like no others.

We specialize in bra patterns, bra cups, underwires, bra stap elastics, rings and slides, hook and eye tapes, and even kits, books, and DVD's geared toward the beginner bra maker.

Clients use our products and instructional materials to create their own custom bras, repair existing bras, or even launch their own bra and lingerie collections. From the 's, a Lancashire corset shop. These were the hey-days of corsetry; however, the chipped paint on the skirting of the shop front indicates that profit margins were never huge in this trade, certainly not in the provincial towns and cities.

A cause for hope amongst us traditionalists is the corset shop in the middle. This photo was taken recently in Spain, one of the last bastions of traditional Triumph corsetry.

On the right, we have a throwback to the 's but this photo was taken in We shall not see these times again! I know women who were terrified to visit the 'corset shop' and others who looked on its very much like a trip to the hairdresser. A pleasant, fairly mindless afternoon, quintessentially female, and secure in the knowledge that the end result would be an improved version of the person that entered the premises.

The women that were scared probably had had encounters with the rare, but sadly real, 'dragon' of a fitter. A old acquaintance recounts an episode in Shinners of Sutton where her substantially constructed companion had vanished into a cubicle to try on a specially ordered corset. She heard the woman call the fitter and explain that she didn't expect so many straps and things. The fitter announced that with her figure, the more straps the better. There followed what sounded like a scuffle, but turned out to be the combined efforts of client and fitter to adjust the garment.

Some time later both women emerged from the cubicle, red-faced and angry. In the street outside the large lady exclaimed "What a dreadful woman!

I really don't think I'm going to get on with this contraption! We cannot leave this section without mentioning that fictional corsetry department of Grace Brothers that featured in the 's - 80's comedy 'Are you being served?

Mollie Sugden and Wendy Richard had these characters off to a tee. Sadly, both passed away within a few months of each other in despite Mollie being 20 years older than Wendy. Like their corsets, we will not see their like again. Here are another two photographs that tell a tale.

On the left is a German street market in the 's. The brassiere with the three strap fastening at the back dates it nicely. On the right is an American shop, but doesn't it just give away an air of faded glory.

The permanent SALE sign, the missing flourescent tube. Profit margins would have been close to zero and it is not just the old advertisements that reveal the 'writing on the wall'. But let us move into the hallowed sanctum of the fitting room.

How many husbands have stood on the edges of the 'forbidden area' in the department store. Slightly flushed, slightly embarrassed, probably bored but with the nervous anticipation of footing what he suspects correctly will be a rather large bill. Silly man, he should be anticipating his wife, rejuvenated in both confidence and figure! I think everything is here to persuade the most recalcitrant of torsos into that special dress for the wedding.

Hundreds of yards of lacing, innumerable buckles and straps, under-belts, spiral bones, double bones, rigid bones of alloy and steel. Brocades, satins, shiny and rather noisy nylons adorn both the foundations and the dresses. A mistake in the combination of these materials could generate enough electricity to draw sparks from the wearer's rayon gloves! To the uninitiated, t he corset shop all too often conjure d up a vision of unyielding strong satin, rows of hooks and eyes, yards of lacing, and bones, bones, and more bones!

Brassieres of all lengths, corselettes, girdles, panty-girdles and corsets. All are represented together with the more risqu é sounding basques, waspies and waist nippers. Everything can be adjusted from the heaviest of surgical corsets for granny, Jenyns' best flattening devices for mother, laced brassieres for matrons who can go without breath or food for an entire day, and imaginatively complicated panty-girdles for the bride, whose will-power between the first and last appointments has left her a size beyond her prime.

Most women will say "Thank Goodness," but some will miss the flattening and flattering persuasion of such archaeic devices.

Spirella has been re-awakened in Sweden , but once again, their products are somewhat utilitarian. Camp is still with us just. The box above tells its own story. It is very old and therefore contains an unfashionable garment. Perhaps this would not be a concern to the sort of aged client who might wear one, however, the unlikely size 50 inches and the reductions in price tell of a declining interest. The word 'under-belt' is written on the box, for nobody in the shop remembers what model means anymore!

In it for the love…….

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