The Hawaiian Shirt Is The Comeback Kid We're All Rooting For

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Trust me, it's inside-out. Kelly May 3, at 9: Julia Nyanyo May 2, at 1: He ran an ad in a issue of the "Honolulu Advertiser" for "Aloha" shirts: Nothing is more comfy in hot weather than something that feels like you aren't wearing it at all.

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Dec 08,  · A model walks the runway at the Prada Spring Summer fashion show during Milan Menswear Fashion Week. The Hawaiian Shirt Is The Comeback Kid We're All Rooting For. Surfer Chick Style. 1 /
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It's not just some stupid canoe; there are enough stupid canoes. This shirt was made for the U. So where did the aloha shirt come from? Although the invention is credited to Ellery Chun , a clothier in Honolulu during the '30s who was shrewd enough to trademark the phrase "aloha shirt" in or , the shirt as we know it today was more likely the evolution of a bunch of things.

In the '20s and '30s on Oahu, underpaid plantation workers started looking for other ways to make a living. With sewing machines making their way across the Pacific, workers -- usually immigrants from the Philippines, Japan, China and Portugal -- saw they could make more money if they set up shops as tailors and clothiers.

The Native Hawaiian population had traditionally worn kapa, a cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree that was pounded flat, bleached dry by the sun and dyed in bright reds and yellows using berries and kukui nuts. However, due to missionary influences, they had started wearing modest, more subdued clothing.

Anthropologist Linda Arthur Bradley notes that kapa were traded out as it became "a mark of status to be able to wear new Western-style clothes. Storytelling is important to an aloha shirt print. These depictions represent Hawaiian traditions of beating kapa, among others. The shirt was further influenced by the untucked way shirts were worn in the Philippines, as well as kimono fabric from Japan and flower prints from Tahitian pareus.

For the growing tourism industry in Honolulu in the '30s, the shirt became an emblem of all these exotic cultures and crossroads. As Hope writes in his book, "nothing painted a more vivid picture of Hawaii than these bold shirts with their colorful Island images. The word "aloha" was thrown around a lot in the '30s as tourism grew, but Musa-Shiya Shoten, an inspired shirt-maker, was probably the first person to ever use "aloha shirt" in print.

He ran an ad in a issue of the "Honolulu Advertiser" for "Aloha" shirts: Bradley, aloha shirts of the '30s were technically " hash prints ," or a "hodgepodge of images [slapped] onto a shirt using linoleum stamps. I would not do hash prints or chop suey prints. I avoided bright or garish colors I wanted my stuff to blend into a man's pair of pants or into a woman's jacket or skirt. Shaheen's mass-produced shirts were sold in 3, stores on the mainland, as well as stores in France, Hong Kong, London, Samoa and Cuba.

Today, they fetch tens of thousands of dollars each at auctions. Elvis wears a Shaheen shirt on the cover of "Blue Hawaii. The s also saw a huge shift in aloha shirt design: Design house Reyn Spooner first put the reverse print out and locals loved them. When Shirt Hit The Fan: The s and '80s were a dark period for aloha shirts.

The popularity of a mustachioed Tom Selleck in the television series "Magnum, P. But as Rochlen points out, "it was Tom Selleck. You'll want a fabric that is lightweight, drapes well and isn't too crisp or thick. I began with a 60" width, 28" length piece of fabric, folded in half. Fold is at the top of the fabric in this picture. Find the center along the fold. Cut an 8" slit not a triangle! This will be the neck of your shirt..

Turn the fabric inside out. Pin along both sides of the fabric, leaving 8 inches unpinned at the top folded end of the fabric. These unpinned openings will be your arm holes. I realize it is hard to tell this fabric is inside out in the pictures because it is dyed all the way through.

Trust me, it's inside-out. Sew the sides along the pins. Leave the arm holes open. Finish the edges of the neckline, armholes, and bottom of the shirt. I used my serger to do a rolled hem because that worked well with this fabric. You could do a traditional folded hem with a topstitch, or you could finish the edges with bias tape, for a more tailored look.

Put the shirt on. I realize the shirt resembles a tent-like poncho of some sort right now. Trust me--it will be transformed shortly. Stand in front of a mirror, and mark with chalk where you would like the top of your gathered waist to be.

I am long-waisted, so I put mine up pretty high to elongate my legs. Take the shirt back off. Use a straight edge to draw a line across the front of the shirt along the spot you marked.

Turn the shirt so the side seam is running down the center in order to continue to draw the line straight across the back of the shirt. Here you see the front where I have begun drawing, and the back where I need to continue my chalk line. Now for the fun part.

Wednesday, April 30, Tunic-Style Shirt Nothing is more comfy in hot weather than something that feels like you aren't wearing it at all. Nudity without the embarrassment of exposurethat's what this tunic-style shirt feels like. And it was SO easy to make. You make ONE cut. You sew TWO seams. Apr 28,  · Formality takes a back seat this season where men's fashion is concern. Yes there were suits on the runway, but these were mostly paired with slouchy t-shirts, even at . Spring / summer fashion trends Written by Tania Braukämper • 17 Oct The spring season has shuffled off the runways of the big four fashion capitals, giving us plenty to look forward to.